Thursday, Jul. 30, 2020

Chapter 10

The three friends sat staring blankly in shock upon hearing their zen master best friend’s voice reach a volume they weren’t used to hearing. Travis was frustrated. Perhaps even jet lagged? The last thing he needed was a crisis and so close to air time. They needed to regroup and buckle down.

“I’m sorry I shouted at you guys,” Travis started, but we need to get it together. We’re minutes away from going live. People are expecting the same professionalism from before.”

Lily laughed, “Professionalism? Travis, we were great and all, but I wouldn’t say we were professionals. We made so many mistakes even when we got good.”

“We weren’t polished I’ll admit, but we did have some professionalism and definitely some unique moments. That’s what set us apart! We have to try. We can’t disappoint the listeners and we can’t disappoint ourselves. This means too much to us. We made a commitment and we need to meet this moment. Robbie!”

“What?!” Robbie responded, slightly startled, “I mean... what?” He grinned.

“We’re gonna start with Question Mark. Speak from your heart. Remember how we started our first show?” Travis smiled.

“Oh yeah I remember that, you sly fox! You switched microphones on without is knowing.” Ray wagged a finger at Travis.

“Yeah and that was a little risky, Trav. We could have used our real names on air. Let’s maybe not do that again, eh?” Lily jabbed, checking every mics just to be safe.

“I was trying to get us going then. I won’t risk it now, Lily, don’t worry. I’m just saying, it was a moment of authenticity and that’s what separates RFR from the Cougar Radios out there. We’re not scripted. We’ve always discussed the content of each show, but we were always able to wing it successfully. Naturally. That’s what we need to remember when we go on.”

Robbie looked over at his mic. He placed his headset on and sat at his usual seat. He looked at his friends and nodded. They each took their respective seats and settled in. Ray glanced at his watch, “2 minutes to show time, Robbie.” He said. Robbie took out a small piece of paper from his pocket. It was a list of songs he and Kim listened to all summer. Their songs. He saved the list to play if they ever went back in they air, a romantic gesture he had hoped who impress Kim, but now as he held the crumpled paper in his sweaty hands he felt deflated. He balled it up and threw it into the basketball net above the trash can.

“Swish!” Ray joked.

Robbie refocused. “Alright, I prepared a small statement to open followed by a song and then back to us just reintroducing ourselves I guess. How does that sound?”

“That sound great, Robbie.” Travis smiled.

Ray and Lily nodded in agreement.

“Okay, here goes nothing.” Robbie said as he switched his mic on. “This is Radio Free Roscoe. We’re on the air.”

waste-away at 5:51 p.m.

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